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meHi everyone! I am Cena Yong, here with “Online Business 101”. It is my pleasure to have your attention. Allow me some of your precious time to introduce myself. Just like any others, I joined the work force after completing my two years of national service. As a building technician, I am required to work shifts. It has been a while and I am looking at changing my current work and lifestyle.

I did a lot of online research on how to make positive change to my current lifestyle and came across an overwhelming number of websites for building online home business. I studied the information and decided to focus on online home business. With that, I embarked on an online course for website building. It was challenging to find the right online program that I trust I can learn all I need about starting an online business. I was swamped by the types and variety of programs available and the fact that majority are scams that want your credit card details for their own interests. I had difficulty trusting the information I get but I was determined to make the change. I continued searching and it all paid off. I found Wealthy Affiliate University.

Own by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate is an online learning community that teaches anyone who willing to learn to build their online business. The duo had created a friendly and interesting community that suits anyone who ready to put in the effort in the learning process. At Wealthy Affiliate, we care about one another’s success. Everyone shares and learn and eventually benefit. This is the place for anyone who wants to learn and start your very own online home business.

The first thing I learned was Article Marketing. Ever since I left school 18 years ago, I had not written any article. Less than 2 month in Wealthy Affiliate, I wrote not one but 7 articles and 7 blogs! And they drew a number of readers. Join me! You can explore your untapped abilities with me at Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for your precious time. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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