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4weekName                           : Chris Farrell Membership

Website                  :

Prices                     : $4.95 for 1st week; $37/mth afterwards,                                               $297/yearly, $497 for 4 week fast track

Owners                  : Chris Farrell

Overall Rank          : 8.5/10




Chris Farrell Membership program is one the top program that teaches newbies how Internet Marketing works.


A well spoken English man, Chris Farrell started in 2008 working very hard as he had absolutely no knowledge about Internet business. Within 6 months, his business picked up and he started making $250 daily. At 9 months, he made $1,000 daily. In August 2010, he made a million dollar sales in a single day.


Like I had said, there is no 1-click magic in internet marketing. This makes his time frame to success a reasonable one. He clearly understands how frustrating it is for someone new to start and create a business online. Bearing this in mind, he created hands-on step-by-step training video guide especially for the newbies. A video training guide by a good speaker made it easier for anyone to follow.


His ’21 Days to Success Training’ will help you better understand the concepts and get your website up and running. He also shows you where and how to cancel your membership at any point of time. This is his display of transparency with his quality product.





  • Low Start-up Cost
  • Allows refund within 60 days
  • Offers pretty good support
  • All information break down into daily video lessons
  • Ready-to-use templates for you to build websites instantly
  • Website & email set up for you
  • The amount of time to be invested program not mentioned
  • No free trial
  • No free hosting(only if you take on yearly        membership)
  • Limited community interaction





Who it’s for

This membership is intended primarily for a beginner marketer as it focuses on basic topics like getting a domain, hosting and setting up auto responders. You will enjoy this training is you like learning from video.


Particularly for those who are not as competent in writing, fret not. Chris Farrell has prepared the website and email sequence for you.


If you are on track with me, you should really consider my highly recommended program ‘Wealthy Affiliate’.


Tools and Training

In this ’21 Days to Success Training’, you will be able to complete with these tools and training.


ü  Creating your own eBook (This is certainly worth learning)

ü  WordPress Wealth

ü  Creating your own products

ü  Killer copywriting

ü  Email marketing

ü  Building a list of customer


With the 10-minute step-by-step video training, you can focus on getting the relevant and necessary information without being overloaded. Chris Farrell teaches only 3 webpages: Squeeze page, Thank You page, Download page. You may ask if it is still applicable and useful for those selling digital products and affiliate products. Most do not do such website in this age of time. Having said that, Chris Farrell sure knows what is right for his business.




You will be able to find discussion forums in Chris Farrell membership. At this platform, new comers introduce, interact and exchange pointers. Chris Farrell has also included phone number for members to call for support. There is a team, ready to help whenever members face problems.


However, there is something I am not too comfortable with when I introduce myself as a new member. The forum allows members to post affiliate link and banner to new comers. I certainly hope he can take note of. Aside from my discomfort, the forum does play a big part in assisting its members. I have seen active responses at the forum.


For comparison purpose, the community at Wealthy Affiliate’s forum is bigger and therefore the responsiveness and interactions are greater. Strictly without prejudice, this is my non-bias observation as I am currently member at both Chris Farrell and Wealthy Affiliate.



How much to join Chris Farrell?

The initial trial membership will cost you $4.97 for 7 days.

Thereafter, you will be billed $37 per month as long as you choose to remain a member.  You need to take note that only a yearly membership will cover your web hosting cost at $297/yearly.

A 4-week fast track is an additional $497 and it covers membership for the whole year.

Risk Free – You can ask for a full refund within 60 days, with no questions asked, if you are not satisfied with the program. To join Chris Farrell Membership Click Here 




His program is recommended for newbies in particular as it walk through the process of making money online by WordPress squeeze page and email marketing. I feel he is an honest guy in this line of business to offer his skill and not a scam artist.


There is absolute transparency about his product. His video training is very effective for virtual learning as it provides step-by-step guide on how things are done. No omission of steps and no overloading of information.


Although I mentioned he made a million dollar of sales back in 2010, it does not mean you can do same. You need to think out of the box and set your mind in achieving results.


I would highly recommend you to join Chris Farrell if you are very new, have no knowledge about online businesses and enjoy learning through video tutorials. Should you already have the basic skills, like buying domain and hosting, you may refer to my number 1 list as WordPress website can do much more than Squeeze Page. Read More

Thank you for reading my review on Chris Farrell Membership. Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions. I will be very happy to be happy to help you out.

6 thoughts on “Chris Farrell Membership Review

  1. I don’t think the English like to be called Englanders, but I digress. I’ve seen Chris Farrell around the traps, this is probably the best review I’ve seen, thanx

  2. Great article, it sets out the facts in a way that is easy to understand. I still think Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate online learning resource for us Affiliate Marketers but Chris Farrell does seem like he knows what he is talking about.

    1. Thanks. Chris Farrell voted No 1 online coach for a reason. But he need to catch up and update latest Internet Markteting method to his fellow members. I like to see his memebership site improve and benefit to people who like to learn.

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