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The Easiest Way to Create a Website. Weebly.com


Weebly offer great features while it is user friendly and offers free website building. It is great opportunity to create a personal website on passion, interest, hobbies and business.

Weebly is a drag and drop website builder and you need only little technical knowledge to build a website. There is no need for any coding. Weebly have more than 15 million registered users and that is a stunning number as it is the one of the easier website builder that started in YR2006.

The easiest way to create a photography website. Create your site at Weebly.com!


Free account – There is no need for any credit card for registering in Weebly. As such, you can build your website at ease and your own time. The website building is totally under your control. There are no trial period and no pressure upgrading to Pro account.

You can access to all Weebly template – Even with a free Weebly account. Weebly adds more designs in their template regularly and you are allowed to change the website design as you wish or hire someone to do it for you. There are no weebly ads that appeared in the free website except for the free domain use using domain.weebly.com.

Easy and user friendly – You can easily build a website in under an hour. This is because the tools are not complicated and user friendly. You just need to drag and drop whatever you like. Suitable for all level users.


Limited templates – Weebly template are fairly average. But they are producing quality design and improving their template and features with their competitor.

E-commerce are still lacking – If you try to build an online shop using Weebly, this might not be a good choice as their tools are still not advance. However, they have a 3rdparty shopping cart which you can connect to Weebly website. It is supported by Weebly.

Basic blog function – Weebly are not effective for organizing and managing articles. As such, it is not a good choice if you are an active blogger for your business. Moreover, Weebly social media sharing are only on Facebook and Twitter. It doesn’t have the features of Pinterest, Google Plus and other social medias.   The easiest way to create a website for your wedding. Create your site at Weebly.com! Weebly does not have preview mode where you can view how your website look like before you can publish it. This means is quite effective, easy and time saving. As you will not need to keep wondering how your website look like. What you see and build appear the same on the live website.

You can upgrade to pro account at any period of time. The cost is only at $4 per month for starter, $8 per month for pro with more features and interactive package can be added to your website. They even offer a 30 day money back if you are not satisfied with your pro account with no question ask.

There are many Weebly website rank very well in Google. As long as you produce quality contents. Your website will be able to rank on google SEO. Create a free website for your business with Weebly!

Feel free to comment below or any question. I will be more than happy to help you out.

2 thoughts on “Webbly Review

  1. I have used Weebly in the past and to be honest, I am not a big fan. Not only are the templates restrictive, they are very difficult to use in particular within the free version.

    They rankings in Google that weebly once had have also seemed to vanish as there are too many sites within their network that are low quality or promoting adult-type content. Something to be warned about if you are going to build a free website.

    I use WordPress for all the sites I create. It is the most widely adopted website platform in the world and there is a reason that 20% of all websites on the web were created using WordPress. Like Weebly, you can build websites using WordPress at places like WealthyAffiliate.com that gives you two free websites when joining their free Starter membership.

    You don’t know what you are missing in terms of website builders until you try out WordPress.

    1. Hi Kyle. Thanks for dropping by and share your experenice with me. You are very experenice in this industry. I agree with you WordPress are better which I learn at Wealthy Affiliate and apply. Will put up my WordPress review soon.

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