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If you have no experience in building website at all, Wix is a great website creator that you need to consider. There is no need to know any coding or what so ever. Learn More


Their templates are presentable and looks professional. Wix works great for designers, freelance trainer, blogger and ecoomce business. You can choose on a free domain or your own domain which need to upgrade premium. Wix allow you to build a free website with free hosting.


If you consider upgrading to premium, you have 14 days free trial. Wix currently have more than 26 million users and 30000 new users joining daily. If Wix can’t perform well, this figure won’t be increasing up the hill. The support are great with video tutorial teaching you step by step. If the question you looking are not in the video tutorial, there are a forum team ready to answer your question.




· Support and Help – The best part of Wix are the support. The main page is where you find the support. Video tutorials are on are there for you and this will save a lot of time. If you need further assistance, there are a forum team to help sort out your problem.


· Stunning Professional templates – There are more than 280 cool looking templates for your to chose from. You need not waste your time designing your own. This function are specially for those who are busy and not so creative, they can just choose one template that suit their topic. Online ecommerce shop template look great and cool too but you need to upgrade the premium.


· Drag and Drop interface – Wix makes it easy to build your website by drag and drop interface. Chose what you want (text, image, video, slide and etc) then place them wherever you like on the page. Wix makes it fun and easy to build your website and is SEO friendly.



· Templates are not allowed to change – Once you chose and start building on a templates as your website, you are not allowed to change them. So take your time to go through as many templates and chose one that you really like. But that doesn’t really matter as it is easy to manage and build another one with choice of available templates.

· Visible Wix advertisement – Wix allows unlimited building free website but their logo will appear on your website as Wix provide a free service to promote themselves. In order to remove the Wix logo you need to upgrade to a premium package. But you can still try out for free before deciding to upgrade.



It doesn’t take long for you to get your hand on Wix. Play around with the function and follow the tutorial, thereafter you will get your website ready in less than an hour. Wix doesn’t restrict on building static website. You are given at least 5 pages to build your website for free.

Lastly, a little advise to small business owners that are building a website with Wix. The content plays a big part to get SEO ranking. Visitor like stunning website and your content will get visitors to return to your site frequently. Create a free website for your business with Wix!

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