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Affiliating marketing is not a get rich scheme

800px-LauravillejiquelSo if you feel you are ready to be affiliate marketer as an easy way to get rich, then you are totally wrong.

You have to get rid of the “rich fast” mind-set out of your mind. To be affiliate marketer you have to invest lot of time and hard work on your new business.

How much time is needed to be put in? There is no concrete time frame or a date line. What I suggest is about 6 month to a year for your business to developed. If you currently have a day job, it is ok. DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB and jump into affiliate marketing.

All you need is at least 10 hours a week constantly building on your business. If you can spend more time, then it is even better, so you can accomplish more task faster than others.

Chose A Niche

Start of your business with what you are passion about. This may sound not profitable. You may like music and gardening. Narrow down to a niche with passion. Help other by providing good relevant information on what you know. You will not be successful if go for a topic which you don’t like. Let say a topic to lose weight or basketball which you are already in a perfect shape and for basketball you do not know who is playing on NBA. You will lose interest and ultimately fail and give up. So stick to your passion.

Website Builder

Building a website nowadays is not like old days with codes that we don’t understand. You have a choice of websites builders such as WordPress, Wix and Weebly. You will get a website up and running within a short period. You will build 1 website based on your niche (topic) you choose and focus on it. Do not build 2 or 3 website at a go. You will burned out and end up going no where.

By writing an article, blog post and video marketing, you can get your website rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing. As you are new to the industry, do not try to use pay advertising to link back to your website. PPC (pay per click) which will thereafter end up you paying advertising bill and earn nothing.

And lastly for your business you need to invest. Not because is internet business mean totally free. You will need to buy a domain name and hosting to get things started. If things go well down the road, you will need to invest in more tools. Keep away from scammer out there that offers to teach you as an affiliate marketer. Look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review which teaches you the right way to get things on the right track.

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6 thoughts on “Get Rich Fast – Affiliate Marketing

    1. Take a step at a time. Don’t worry about making mistake, is a form of learning. Need any help just drop me a message. Thanks

  1. If one is looking to get rich “fast”, they should buy a lottery ticket. That is the only way to accomplish this.

    If they are looking to get rich “faster” than they would doing what they are currently doing, affiliate marketing is absolutely a brilliant way to do this. You can promote any product or service in the world and earn a commission through affiliate programs. I started affiliate marketing 11 years ago and I have been doing it full time since!

    Excellent walk-through and you have laid out a nice plan for folks here. Choose a niche, build a website, and then you can leverage affiliate programs. This can all be done in a very affordable way these days and the opportunity is available to everyone

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