Getting Started

Your Website: Your Shop

The very first step you need a website to be successful online. You can either outsource website developer to build one for you if you can afford. It will cost you at least $1500 to $2000.
Or build one on your own. Building a website is not as scary as you think. Watch how you can build your website in 30 sec. Click Here

Own by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate University is an online learning community. They have created a user friendly and great community that uses interactively fun ways to teach step-by-step on how to build your own website. This community care about one another’s success. We help one another to succeed in internet marketing. You are given 2 free website with free hosting within Wealthy Affiliate.

Your website is your shop. What is your idea of your shop? A provision store? A shopping retail? Is your choice. But if you chose shopping retail with high traffic and high sales volume  This where Wealthy Affiliate is going to help you to build your shopping retail.


Website Content: Building Your Shop

Now you have your website ready. Next step is to create content. Having great contents is the best way to draw traffic (shopper), build relationships with your visitors (which leads to sales) and create a brand for yourself that makes you stand out in a long run online business. Contents consist of text, comments/communication, graphic, video and audio from your website. Search engines and people like great and rich contents. In order to bring visitors to trust you and buy from you, quality contents are very important.

Website Platform: Traffic to Your Shop

You have built a platform for your website. Now you need real people to see and visit your site. Which means traffic, a beautiful website without traffic is same as a person without a soul. How to draw traffic? There are a lot of ways but the most important is always content.

1) Writing Content
2) Writing Article
3) Get Rank in Google
4) Ad Buys
5) Paid Traffic

Within Wealthy Affiliate, all these can be learned. The community is there 24/7 to assist you when you have any questions. There is no right or wrong question; but if you do not ask, you will never get an answer. Kyle and Carson are there to guide every single member. Create a free account today.

Your Shop is ready to Make Money 

When your shop is ready, it is time to make money. How exactly do you start to earn money through online business? There are so many ways that your site is ready to make money. Here are some ways.

1. Selling Affiliate Products
2. Selling Amazon Products
3. Selling Products that You Own
4. Selling the Actual Website
5. Putting ads on your site. (Google Adsense, Infolinks and many more)

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