Online Business Vs Tradition Business

wa_uncover_secrets_250x250Online business

¶  Shop – You do not need a shop = no rental. You can literally work from anywhere you like, home, café, coffee shop, library, as long as you have access to internet.

¶  Operating hours – You are in control of your own online business operating hours.

¶  You don’t need any employee, your own product, travelling, face customer and worry about monthly rental of a shop.

¶  A domain name: Less than $15 a year

¶  Web hosting : Less than $10 a month

¶  Total cost a month less than $25

¶  At Wealthy Affiliate, you can start your business with 2 websites and web hosting with $0!


wa_starter_350x350Tradition shop

¶  Shop – Depending of the size and location, get ready a huge sum of initial startup capital for your business. Rental, utilities, renovation, equipments, costs of goods, other operating costs.

¶  Operating hours – You must work at your shop within the operation hours you set to provide service to your customers.

¶  You need right employees and ready goods or product to sell. Might have to face nasty, demanding, unreasonable customer.

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