Where to Find Keywords

You Need Keywords

jaaxy_slide_001When writing article on your website, you will need to search for keywords and include it in your articles. Together with quality contents, this will benefit readers that read your article and your article will ranked well in the search engine. In Wealthy Affiliate you are given keywords tool to search for keywords to help you get ranked.


Go to Google and type in the words or phrase for the information you looking for. Apply alphabet soup tactic to look for more keywords. It is useful for you when choosing a topic to write on. How to apply alphabet soup tatic? Learn More

 What Are Keywords For

Keywords are important for an search engine but do not avoid stuffing keywords throughput your article. Readers want to read contents that are quality and meaningful, not an article with keywords all over with no meaning. And by doing so, you are not delivering information to readers and this will hurt your article ranking.


An article should be roughly 400 words. So place your keywords on your title in the opening and last paragraph. You can also use the keywords a few time by not forcing into a sentence or content.


What do readers searches for in the internet? Information, so your article should provide useful information and if your personal life experience can be useful to readers, feel free to add in.

 Where to Find Keywords

So how and where can get these so call keywords. In Wealthy Affiliate free starter member are also given keyword tools to serch for their niche related keywords. As mechanic or handyman, there are given tools to work on their task. Wealthy Affiliate provide these useful keyword tools to their members. Learn More


Other keyword tools are Jaaxy. Sign up for free Also own by Kyle and Carson. They have created Jaaxy keywords tool for anyone who need to use and apply to their online business. It is free to try out Jaaxy, with free 30 keywords searches. How does Jaaxy works? Take a look at the video below.

Feel free to drop your comment below. If you have any question I’m happy to help you out.

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  1. Great review of Jaaxy. I personally use and find tons of hot keywords. Def a must for anyone serious about keyword research.

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